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We had so much fun reading all the guesses, and with 400+ entries we had a lot to go through!  There were 22 choices but only one right answer.    The arc was hidden in present #5 and 26 of you guessed correctly.     Many of you who guessed correctly thought it would logically be hidden in present #5 because it was the fifth book in the series.   Good thinking!  That thought never occurred to me (I swear all intelligence and logic has fled since I became a mommy, AGAIN.  I may not recover this time), I just thought that the present looked pretty.  Ha!

Okay enough rambling, I know what you’re all waiting for…or at least 26 of you.   Drum roll please!

The winner is…Meaghan Stevens!  Congrats Meaghan!  You should have an email from me in your inbox!

For those of you who didn’t win, don’t fret!  We still have one more arc giveaway coming up.   Look for that during the first week of 2011!


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