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Jeaniene just did another great interview over at Urban Fantasy Fans! There was talk about Viggo Mortenson, bridesmaid dresses, movies and much more!

Here’s a little bit of what Jeaniene had to say:

You know I can’t tell you too much about ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, or I’d spoiler things. I can say there’s a scene where Cat has to take on vampires wearing heels and a bridesmaid dress – ladies, can you imagine anything worse? – and Bones is definitely in the book. Some things from Cat’s past will also be brought to light, and a reader will get to meet several new characters, human and inhuman. Will there be blood? Um, yeah. Cat’s still hunting vampires, so that’s inevitable. I’ve also had early reviewers comment that ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE has more humor – and a hotter sex scene – than the first book. So we’ll see if readers agree once it releases.”

I just finished One Foot in the Grave and trust when Jeaniene says “and a hotter sex scene”, she is sooo not kidding.

The rest of the interview can be found here!

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