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Jeaniene shares her thoughts on posting, or not,  her opinions on other author’s books. Since becoming an author herself, the perception of her opinions has changed. Check out what she has to say on the catch-22 of being an author and a reader.


  1. alterlisa

    January 7, 2011

    I also tend to read the 3 star or less reviews of a book as much as the 5 star reviews. What may totally put someone else off a particular book may be exactly why I might be interested in it and what they may love about a book will totally make me run in the other direction. 90% of the books I read are based on either a previous love of the authors work or bloggers response to it. I’m not one who buys a book because I loved the cover. Yeah, I appreciate the work and talent that goes into a cover but I’ve read just as many blah books that had spectacular covers as had blah covers. 5 books after this book I’ll be lucky if I remember the cover but I will remember if I enjoyed the story or not. I do read the comments that other author’s (especially those whose works I love)write about a book. I do tend to take the gushy remarks with a grain of salt, rather they be from a fellow writer, blogger or John Doe on Amazon. The blurb on the back also plays a large part in whether I read a book and woe is the author that’s blurb has little to do with what’s between the covers. An author will lose me quick if the blurb is not a good representative of the story.

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