Bones’ Reaction to Cat’s Tattoo

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Jeaniene, The Great One, has done it once again. In all her great wisdom and awesomeness she’s giving us, her fans, exactly what we want! More Bones and Cat!

There was a discussion going on in the forums (and if you haven’t signed up for the forums, you’re missing out) about Bones’ reaction to Cat’s tattoo, which is similar to his. Jeaniene said the scene didn’t make it into the book, so she’s going to share it with us here! It won’t be on her website because it is such a small tidbit so look for it on here! Of course we’ll post a message here on the main page when it does go up, but if you want to keep an eye out, here’s the thread.

UPDATE:  Bones’ reaction to Cat’s tattoo.


  1. wendy71268

    August 9, 2010

    I can’t find the deleted scene where bones first see cat’s tatoo. Can you tell me where to go to find it? Thanks

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