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Jeaniene shares a little tidbit about the cover for Cat & Bones Book 6 in her post on Supernatural Underground!

Here’s a snippet from that post that includes a very teeny weeny little spoiler for book 6:

…Other parts of the cover, I’m not sure about. I requested that either Cat have a weapon on her, or be wearing her silver-heeled boots, but we’ll see which one the cover artist goes with. Because ghosts play a bigger role in this novel than in previous ones, I’m also hoping for a hazy silhouette or other otherworldly image in the background. And I had one request that made my editor laugh – please no more pink font. Pink is my least favorite color (probably due to my annoyance at how it’s assumed that since I’m female I automatically must love it) but it’s taken me until now to admit to my editor that I’d prefer any other color for my books. Here’s hoping my cover artist didn’t have his heart set on some soft rosy hues for this novel 😉

Read the entire post on Supernatural Underground.

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