Annette De Witt




She was 36 in human years when Bones changed her in or around 1807


London, England


Champagne colored eyes, strawberry blonde hair, designer clothes, shoes and handbags, often noted for her impeccable appearance.

“A woman walked toward us with the unmatched grace only a vampire could harness. Her cool, patrician features screamed aristocracy, and her lightly lined skin had that trademark glowing luminesce. Why couldn’t she be ugly? was my [Cat’s] first thought. She looks like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Susan Sarandon!”

“Her champagne-colored eyes fixed immediately on mine, and right away, I knew we had something in common. She already didn’t like me, either. Her accent was pure British upper-crust. She was also chicly dressed in a navy jacket with matching pants, and I’d bet her shoes cost as much as my last paycheck.” (OFITG, ch. 29)

Life History

Annette is the first vampire Bones ever created.

From Bones: “You remember I told you when I was human, one of my clients saved my life by convincing the judge to ship me to Australia instead of hanging me for pick-pocketing? Well, that was Annette. After I returned to London as a vampire, I looked for the people who’d shown me kindness…I offered her [Annette] this life, and she accepted. (OFITG, ch. 29)

“I [Annette] was fourteen when I was forced into an arranged marriage with the meanest, most revolting man I’d ever met…at the time. On the thread night, Abbot called one of the chambermaids to join us in bed. I refused, and he beat me. After that, whenever he brought a woman into our bed-chamber, I didn’t argue. A few years later, a married duchess named Lady Genevieve invited Abbot and me to her estate when her husband was away at court. She drugged Abbot, and when he slumbered, she told me she had a surprise for me. There was a rap at her door and then a young man walked in…”

“…Crispin and I were both trapped by our circumstances, you see. Divorce only existed for kings then, and a woman was nothing more than a flesh machine for reproduction. I did conceive, whose child I don’t know, since I’d been shagging both Crispin and Abbot, but at the time of delivery, Abbot refused to summon a midwife. The baby was breech, I almost bled to death, and my infant son strangled on his cord.”

“The stillbirth rendered me sterile and I was ill for months. Crispin snuck in to care for me as I convalesced. Then soon after, he was arrested for thievery. Lady Genevieve arranged for me to have a private session with the magistrate. I convinced him not to hang Crispin, but to transport him to the South Wales colonies instead. It was the only thing I could do to repay Crispin for his many kindnesses.”

“Nineteen miserable years passed. One night there was a knock on our bed-chamber door. Abbot opened it, and then was thrown backward through the air. The hood fell back on the intruder and there was Crispin, looking not a day older than when I’d last seen him.

“Crispin told me he hadn’t forgotten me or the misery I’d endured. Then he broke every bone in Abbot’s body. After he’d killed him, Crispin showed me what he’d become, and he gave me a choice. With Abbot dead, I would inherit everything and could live out the rest of my life at court. But to me, that was only exchanging one cage for another, so I chose the other option Crispin offered. He turned me, and he has sheltered me ever since.” (Age, ch. 7)

Cat and Annette had a combustible first meeting when Annette attempted to scare Cat off by sharing sordid details from Bones’ past. Bones threatened to cut Annette off if any harm came to Cat because of Annette.

Special Abilities

Annette is not a master vampire and has not revealed any special abilities to date. Even so, she is no shrinking violet. When called upon, she can fight and is fiercely loyal to Bones. Annette also has quite a reputation for having her share of both men and women.

Jeaniene, how do you picture Annette?

[Somewhere between] Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet. Nicole has Annette’s yowsa-type beauty, while Kate shows more of the curvy figure and sex appeal mixed with British manners.

Jeaniene, can you try to explain Annette’s nasty behavior toward Cat in One Foot in the Grave?

Try to look at Cat from Annette’s point of view when Annette first met Cat: Here’s this girl who at first scorned Bones as being beneath her because he was a vampire, then she hid her relationship from her mother, because she was ashamed of Bones, got him almost killed rescuing this same beeyotch of a mother, then when all was said and done, broke his heart. Annette’s loved Bones for over two hundred years. She pretty much thinks he walks on water, even though she knows Bones doesn’t love her the same way. But here’s this half-vampire freak Cat who got the love Annette would have killed for, and yet, in Annette’s mind, she treated Bones like crap and left him.

So when Cat showed up again, Annette believed she was only going to hurt Bones, because clearly Cat was a weak insignificant fool who had no idea what an amazing man Bones was. So Annette tried to speed Cat’s departure along by telling her all the things about Bones that she thought would frighten Cat off. Yes, Annette embellished some things, and her motives weren’t purely unselfish, but Annette really did believe it was only a matter of time until Cat broke Bones’s heart and took off again. In a twisted way, Annette thought she was acting in Bones’s best interests – and hey, hers too.

However, Cat was nothing like how Annette had her pegged, so when Annette tried to scare her off, Cat turned the tables on her (and stabbed Annette ). Plus, Annette hadn’t counted on Bones truly loving Cat. When Bones threatened Annette with banishment from his line – something he’d just never, ever do under any other circumstance – Annette realized that Bones wasn’t just temporarily fascinated with Cat because she was a half-breed or because she’d left him before Bones could get bored with her. She knew then that Bones really did love Cat. In At Grave’s End, you see Annette’s changing attitude with Cat because of this. Annette will never be a meek ex who Cat goes out shopping with, but there is more to Annette than the hell-on-heels ex-girlfriend Cat first meets in One Foot in the Grave.

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