Human Name

Baron Charles DeMortimer


Spade. About how he received the nickname: “It was how the overseer in South Wales used to address me. A spade is a shovel, and I was a digger. He never called anyone by their names, only their assigned tool. He didn’t feel the convicts were worthy of more.” When Cat asked him why he kept the name, he said, “So I’d never forget.” (HTTG)


Spade was 30 in human years when Mencheres changed him in or around 1807. In FDOC, Spade reveals that he will be 257 years in total on his next birthday.


London, England. “His house was a sweeping estate with immaculate lawns and high perimeter hedges. With its eighteenth-century-style architecture, it looked like it was built while Spade had been human. Inside, there were long, grand hallways. Ornate woodwork along the walls. Painted ceilings. Crystal chandeliers. Handwoven tapestries and antique furnishings. A fireplace you could hold a meeting in.” (DFAEG)


“Next to Bones, Spade looked two inches taller, which made him about six-four. He had lean attractive features, a straight nose, and inky hair that spiked up from his crown before hanging past his shoulders.” (HTTG)

Life History

Spade met Bones, Ian and Timothy on a convict ship named the Alexander bound for the New South Wales penal colonies in 1788. After a few months at the colony, Ian managed to escape. Then after almost a year, Ian returned with natives and at least two other vampires who killed the guards and the rest of the prisoners except Timothy, Spade and Bones. In his absence, Ian had been changed to vampire and changed Bones that night against his will. Though the three friends were changed, only one asked for it. Timothy wanted what Ian offered. Spade and Bones did not. Ian had them changed anyway because he thought they would thank him later. Spade’s sire was revealed to be Mencheres in First Drop of Crimson. Spade and Bones have been best friends ever since. In FDOC, Spade falls in love with Cat’s best friend, Denise McGregor. Please read FDOC to learn more about Spade’s background.

Special Abilities

Spade has all the strength, speed, and skills of a Master vampire including an ability to fly.

Jeaniene, how do you picture Spade?

In an interview on All Things Urban Fantasy, Jeaniene said the following regarding the cover for FDOC: “People ask me if the model is how I picture my hero, Spade. Short answer: no. The hair color and length are right, though, and as an author that’s all I can ask. For those who want an idea of what I think Spade looks like, here’s a link with some pictures.”

Jeaniene, can you try to explain Spade’s mentality when he went to go see Cat at the trash castle (in DFAEG)?

From a Jeaniene Frost virtual interview:
Q: Can you explain Spade’s mentality when he went to see Cat at the trash castle? How could he give Cat that verbal shove when he didn’t have the choice himself as to whether or not to be changed? Sort of carries the same mindset with Denise. Was it all based off of Giselda experience? In general, in your universe is it typical that a vampire is going to want to change their partner?

A: Spade’s mentality was that he was fed up seeing Bones and Cat continue to torment themselves out of pure stubbornness when he knew both of them still madly loved each other. As for Spade giving Cat a “shove” toward becoming a vampire, Cat’s had years at this point to consider taking the plunge. Spade found out about vampires and was changed into one all in the same night. Really not similar at all. Spade’s experience with Giselda would have been a small factor in his prompting Cat, because he knows being a vampire would make her harder to kill and Spade would never want to see Bones go through what he did with Giselda, but Spade also had a clearer perspective on changing than Cat did at the time. He could objectively see all the reasons why it would benefit her, personally and safety-wise. Cat was still looking at things through a jumbled emotional filter, but once Spade pulled that away, it was clear to Cat that she’d been gearing up toward this for a long time.

Re- “in your universe is it typical that a vampire is going to want to change their partner?”

If the partner is human and the vampire is in love, that vampire will want to do SOMEthing to extend their lover’s lifespan. Imagine if your significant other had cancer, for example, but refused to have surgery to cure it. How nuts would that make you, knowing you were doomed to watch the person you loved die when it was preventable? Vampires have the same mentality when it comes to mortal death, because in their minds, they have a “cure” for it.

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