Kira Graceling


Kira Graceling


Dark Lady Chap 2. (Kira in Greek means lady. In Celtic means dark)


31 Chap. 6.


Half-sister – Tina Graceling aka Tiny-T. ill with cystic fibrosis. Chap. 8 and Chap. 9. Half-brother – Rick. Drug user and layabout. Chap. 9


Chicago, IL Chap 1.


Blondish, brown hair, pale green eyes. Slender build. Chap.2.

Life History

Chap 18. Married at age 19 to provide home for her minor half-sister Tina. Husband Pete was a police officer. He was sent to prison (where he died) for dealing drugs partially due to her testimony. She graduated from college with a criminal justice degree and completed the police academy. Was unable to find employment due to her testimony against her husband. She began work as a private investigator.

Special Abilities

Can sense things. Chap. 7. and Chap. 18.


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