Catherine Crawfield


Catherine Kathleen Crawfield, prefers to go by Cat (HG1&19).


Bones calls her Kitten (HG1) or Red Reaper (HG20).


Cat Raven at clubs (HG1); Cathy at college (HG11)


May 9th, 1985


22 (HG3)


Mother, Justina Crawfield (HG1), and two grandparents (HG1). Father is an unknown vampire (HG1).


Licking Falls, Ohio. Cat lives with her mother and her maternal grandparents in a two-story house that was once a barn (HG1).


Crimson hair (HG1), gray eyes (HG2), pale skin with slightly vampiric glow (HG9). Jeaniene pictures Cat as “a cross between a young Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, but of course, with pale skin and red hair and my own i magination added in” (JF).

Life History

Justina was date-raped by a vampire, and Cat was born fully-developed a mere five months later (HG2). Justina didn’t tell her the truth about her lineage until Cat was 16 (HG1). Cat had a bad experience with her first boyfriend, Danny Milton, and then had no desire to date anyone else (HG1). The night Danny broke up with her was the night she killed her first vampire (HG7). After that, she got a fake ID and spent her weekends going to clubs to find vampires she could kill (HG1). She had killed sixteen vampires before getting captured by a vampire named Bones (HG2). Bones proposes a deal that leads to him training Cat for six weeks (HG4). As partners, Cat helps Bones track down the evil vampires he’s after (HG6). In the meantime, Cat transfers from a community college to Ohio State University (HG5) and starts classes as a junior (HG11). She struggles to balance school, hunting vampires, and a growing attraction to Bones.

Special Abilities

As a half-vampire, Cat has a mixture of human and vampire abilities. Her eyes glow green when she’s upset, unless she can control them (HG2). She’s stronger and faster than any human, and her hearing is better as well (HG3). She can see at night as easily as she can in the day (HG3). She’s never been sick a day in her life (HG22). However, her sense of smell is that of a human’s (HG22), and she does not have fangs or the ability to control minds (HG3). She has the circulatory and respiratory systems of a human, but her DNA has the same genetic structure—the same strain of mutation—as that of a vampire’s (HG25).
Personality Traits: Cat’s favorite drink is a gin and tonic (HG1). She likes the night best and sometimes wanders until dawn (HG3). She describes herself as friendless and weird (HG1), but she’s just withdrawn and uncomfortable around people because of her secrets—and because she’s afraid of getting hurt again after what Danny did to her. She gets her hatred of vampires from her mother (HG3), and she often feels empty and guilt-ridden (HG27) as she goes through life atoning for her bloodline (HG20).

Jeaniene, how do you picture Cat?

Cat I see as a cross between a young Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, but of course, with pale skin and red hair and my own imagination added in. Again, though, readers are welcome to picture Cat with whatever image works for them.

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  1. Melissa Gonzales

    August 4, 2013

    Yay! She was born on my birthday!! 😉

  2. Melissa Gonzales

    August 4, 2013

    May 9th of course!! 😉

  3. Eli Atanasova

    January 4, 2014

    About her father – isn’t he Max? A redhead bad vampire?

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