Denise. We never learn her unmarried name. She marries Randy MacGregor in OFITG and takes his last name.


27 (FDOC)


Denise has living parents, a cousin, Felicity, and a long-lost relative, Nathanial. In AGE, in a fight with zombies, her husband Randy was killed. In FDOC, a demon targets her family in search of another relative, Nathanial, killing two cousins and an aunt. At the end of FDOC, she marries the former Baron Charles De Mortimer (Spade).


Fort Worth, TX (at the beginning of FDOC)


Mahogany hair (FDOC), hazel eyes, roses and cream complexion. Spade describes her as having a scent of honey and jasmine.

Life History

Denise meets Cat in between HTTG and OFITG. Their meeting can be found in a partial short story located with other deleted scenes on the frostfans forums. In OFITG, we learn that Denise is Cat’s best friend. Denise meets and quickly marries Randy MacGregor. Cat was maid of honor in their wedding and Bones was a groomsmen. In AGE, Cat and Bones (and anyone with them including Denise and Randy) are attacked by a hoard of zombies. During this fight, Randy was killed. Due to the shock, Denise loses an unborn child and was left with post-traumatic stress disorder. She cuts off all ties to anything supernatural and relocates to Fort Worth, TX. Several months later, she suddenly loses an aunt and cousin to apparent heart-attacks (FDOC). When a second cousin is attacked in front of her and dies of what appears to be another heart-attack, she realizes there is something not human is targeting her family. Unable to contact Cat or Bones, she tries the only other person she can think of who has ties to the supernatural world: a vampire she met on two occasions named Spade. In FDOC, Denise is attacked and branded by a demon. The demon says that he is seeking one of her long lost relatives, Nathanial. If Denise helps him find her relative, he will remove the brand. Spade and Denise set off on a quest to find Nathanial and in the process fall in love.

Special Abilities

In FDOC, Denise is branded by a demon. Benefits of the brand are that as long as the brands are in place, she is immortal and a shapeshifter.

Jeaniene, how do you picture Denise?

Jeaniene pictures Denise as a cross between “Kate Beckinsale and Natalie Portman. Kate and Natalie both are good examples of Denise’s looks, but Natalie has more of her down-to-earth appeal.” –Jeaniene Frost

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