Ian Flannery




220 years as vampire (OFITG)


Has pale crystal flesh, clear turquoise, and his chestnut hair falls past his collar. Cat describes him as “pretty” in OFITG.

Life History

Ian met Bones, Spade and Timothy on a convict ship named the Alexander bound for the New South Wales penal colonies in 1788. After a few months at the colony, Ian managed to escape. Then after almost a year, Ian returned with natives and at least two other vampires who killed the guards and the rest of the prisoners except Timothy, Spade and Bones. In his absence, Ian had been changed to vampire and changed Bones that night against his will. Though the three friends were changed, only one asked for it. Timothy wanted what Ian offered. Spade and Bones did not. Ian had them changed anyway because he thought they would thank him later. In OFITG, he said that his life before being changed were not good for anything but poverty and misery. He describes London as a sewage in the late 1700s. Along with siring Bones, Ian is also sire of Cat’s father, Maximillian. In OFITG, Ian tried to blackmail Cat into joining him by holding her men hostage, but Cat ended up binding herself to Bones instead.

Special Abilities

Ian has all the strength, speed, and skills of a Master vampire including an ability to fly.

Personality Traits

He has an English accent (which Cat notes is at odds with his Irish name in OFITG). Cat says that Ian wouldn’t know how to feel remorse if his afterlife depended on it (DFAEG). He likes to collect the rare and unusual. Is known to be a ruthless sod, but is particularly loyal to Bones, Mencheres, Spade and Timothy (FDOC). Bones has used him to extract information out of hostages. Insists on referring to Bones and Spade as their human names.

Jeaniene, how do you picture Ian?

In a frost_light journal entry, Jeaniene said she pictured Ian as a combination of Samuel Le Bihan (specifically, from BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF) and Colin Farrell. “Samuel has Ian’s dangerous sexiness and Colin has more of Ian’s really gorgeous looks.” Picture both actors with auburn hair.

Jeaniene, will you be writing a spin-off book for Ian?

Recently, Jeaniene was on Goodreads conducting a Q&A with readers about Night Huntress books. Here is some more insight about Ian:

Q: Do you know yet if you will be writing Vlad’s and Ian’s story for the Night Huntress world?

A: I love Ian as a character, but he is NOT ready to cease his slutty, hell-raising ways yet. So I don’t see Ian getting his own book in the very near future. He needs to settle down a little first or he’d shamelessly cheat on and drive crazy anyone woman I set him up with. Vlad, however, is at a different point in his life and I know just the woman who will rock his world. I’m hoping for some good news about books with him soon. Wish me luck!

Q: After you write the Vlad series hopefully will there be an Ian book? Even if he doesn’t get a heroine?

A: The trick about writing an Ian book if he didn’t hook up with a heroine is that (a) it would mainly consist of a lot of violence and casual sex (that’s what Ian’s into right now, people!, and I’m not sure I would want to do a book about that with him, and (b) it would have to be published under a different imprint than all my other books. I’m published under Avon Books, a romance imprint of HarperCollins, and if there isn’t a romance in the story then I have to be published under another imprint or book stores will shelve me in romance and readers will be pissed that they didn’t get what they were expecting when they bought the book. Even if I was shelved in Fantasy instead of Romance, switching genres on stories set in the same world may still result in readers expecting one thing from a book (because that’s what all the other books had) and being disappointed at getting another.

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