His name means: “Last long (Men) the vital forces (Kau) of Ra”

Other Names

The Greeks called him Eros after the God of Lust.


Born 2553 BC


Over 4500 years old


Sire of Ian and Spade, grandsire of Bones, great-grandsire of Cat among the many


About 6’1″, waist length black hair, coal colored eyes. Athletic, tight, hard, luscious body.

Life History

Pharaoh of the Fourth dynasty. He ordered the construction of the third and smallest of the Pyramids of Giza. He ruled for 18 years. There is some dispute on this, some sources say 28 years, but the Turin King List shows 18.  He was 22 when he was turned vampire.  Sired by Tenoch who passed on the great power Cain had shared with their line.  Menkaure was the subject of a poem by the 19th century English poet Matthew Arnold. The title of the poem was: “Mycerinus”.

Special Abilities

Is telekinetic. He can erect barriers to prevent feeling pain (to himself). He can rip heads off by simply thinking it. He can perform black magic. He can read human and half-human minds. All Mega Master Vampire abilities (fly, superior strength, hearing, vision and smell).

Personal Traits: Cold logic. Extreme control of emotions. Very protective of his line. Considers their welfare before his own.

Jeaniene, how do you picture Mencheres?

“This is an easy question, because I’ve always had one actor in mind when I pictured Mencheres: Oded Fehr. If you don’t recognize the name, Oded played the sexy gigolo Antoine in Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo, as well as the Med-jai warrior in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.”

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