Night Huntress Universe Timeline

(Pub date: Aug. 25, 2009)
“Reckoning” in the Unbound anthology is written in Bones’s point of view, but takes place before he meets Cat.

Halfway to the Grave
(Pub date: October 30, 2007)
Takes place over six months starting in June (one month after Cat’s birthday) and ending in mid-December.

[amazon_link id=”0061472689″ target=”_blank” ]Weddings from Hell[/amazon_link]
(Pub date: May 27, 2008)
“Happily Never After” in the anthology Weddings from Hell takes place right before OFITG. Bones is a side character but no appearance of Cat

One Foot in the Grave
(Pub date: April 29, 2008)
Begins late April (right before Cat’s birthday) four years after HTTG.

At Grave’s End
(Pub date: December 30, 2008)
Story takes place a few months after OFITG and epilogue takes place in March the following year.

Four Dukes and a Devil
(Pub date: June 30, 2009)
“Devil to Pay” in the Four Dukes and a Devil anthology. Set after the events of AGE.

Destined for an Early Grave
(Pub date: July 28, 2009)
Story takes place several months after the events in AGE. Late summer/early fall.

Death’s Excellent Vacation
(Pub date: August 3, 2010)
Set 2 months after the events in DFAEG

First Drop of Crimson
(Pub date: February 9, 2010)
Set about three months after the events in DFAEG.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness
(Pub date: July 27, 2010)
Takes place about a month after the events of FDOC.

This Side of the Grave
(Pub date: February 22, 2011)
Takes place about two months after EKOD.

[amazon_link id=”0061783196″ target=”_blank” ]One Grave at a Time[/amazon_link]
(Pub date: August 20, 2011)
Takes place 5 weeks after TSOTG

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