Vampire Mythology

Note:  references are in the parentheses.  For example, “HG12” refers to Ch. 12 of Halfway to the Grave.

Vampire Characteristics:

• Fangs hidden unless vamp is hungry, aroused, or wanting to show them (HG12).
• Eyes glow green when vamp is fighting, feeding, using mind control, or feeling a strong emotion (HG2&3).
• Flawless, ethereal skin; smooth, purposeful movements; great intonation (HG1&2).
• Can sense the power of other vamps—it feels similar to static electricity (HG2).
• Can see and feel ghosts and ghouls (HG4&8).
• Can direct where the blood goes in a body (HG5).
• Can eat solid food if they have to (HG19).
• Decompose to true age when they “die” (HG14).
• Fluids—such as tears and sperm—are pink (HG12).
• Territorial (HG18).
• Most suck a pint of blood at a time from a human. The human is not usually harmed, and the memory of it is usually erased (HG3).
• Vamps operate under a pyramid scheme, similar to Feudalism. Every person a Master vamp sires is under that Master’s rule. Master is responsible for their welfare, but they owe him loyalty and income. Vamps can only leave a Master if they win in a duel against him, get ransomed by another Master, or are released in goodwill (HG18).

Vampire Strengths:

• Vampire blood heals, even for humans (HG3).
• Can go indefinitely without oxygen, but usually prefer to breathe once an hour (HG3).
• Superior hearing—can hear a heartbeat a mile away (HG3).
• Superior smell—can smell a person before they see the person (HG3).
• Faster, stronger, and greater senses than any human (HG3).
• Not affected by crosses, wooden stakes, holy water, or garlic (HG3).
• Mind control over humans, and fangs provide a drop of hallucinogen to any human they drink from (HG3).
• Can regenerate any body part except the head (HG3).

Vampire Weaknesses:

• Can be destroyed by silver in the heart—usually a stake, but several silver bullets could work as well (HG2&3).
• Silver anywhere but the heart will hurt and slow the vamp (HG3).
• Can be destroyed by decapitation (HG3).
• Sun causes sunburn (HG3).
• Slowest and weakest at dawn. Usually sleep in daytime because most powerful at night (HG3).

Transition from Human to Vampire:

• Vamp drains human to point of death. Then vamp opens an artery so the human can drink it all back (HG4).
• After the change, the human’s heartbeat and breathing stop immediately. Other bodily functions—such as tear ducts, urine, and sperm—take a few days to shut off (HG3).

Two Theories of Vampire Creation:

1. Vampires evolved from humans via a random mutation (HG18).
2. According to Genesis 4 in the Bible, Cain killed his brother Abel and became the world’s first murderer. Some vamps believe that the “mark” God put on Cain was actually the transformation into becoming undead—his punishment for spilling blood was to drink it the rest of his days. Cain created his own people, vampires that lived on the fringe of society. Cain is possibly like a god to the vampires, watching over his children to this day (HG18).

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