Christmas Giveaway #2: Two ways to enter to win a signed copy of Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost!

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Here’s an opportunity to win something really special. Share your favorite Christmas memory for a chance to win a signed copy of Jeaniene Frost’s Eternal Kiss of Darkness!

Two ways to enter:
1) Retweet this promotion for an entry.
2) Leave a comment on our blog (below) about your favorite Christmas memory.
1 (one) entry per person.
Contest begins at 10:00 a.m. PT on December 28, 2010 and will end at 09:59 a.m. PT on December 29, 2010.
International entries are welcome.
Comments are encouraged, but will not be judged.
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Good luck. Also, be checking back as there are more contests coming up soon!


  1. diva

    December 28, 2010

    no favorites they all are good ha ha ha

  2. renees3

    December 28, 2010

    I’m sorry, I’m a little confused on where to post. Is this the blog? Maybe I need to go back to bed haha
    Anyway, my favorite Christmas memory was last year, when my niece was 3. She finally had figured out what Santa was and when she woke up at my parents house, she came to my room and to wake me and tell me Santa had come. Not knowing how to read but being the awesome kid she is, she just went under the tree and started handing out presents to everyone else, before she sat down and tried to open one for her šŸ™‚ We ended up all opening other peoples presents but she was so sweet handing them out, thinking of others before herself that we didn’t mind. Man I love that kid! Being an Auntie is the best!

  3. deannalynnc

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Christmas memory was the year when I was younger and we were really low on money so my parents gave us each 5 dollars to go to the dollar story and buy something for everyone in our family. My mom still has the Christmas tree Santa Clause and I still have the little clown my brother got me. That was the best Christmas to date!

  4. Amber

    December 28, 2010

    I love Christmas! It is my favorite holoday ever. I love all the pretty lights the Christmas tree and getting my kids super excited for Santa to come. I think this year is going down as one of my most favorite ones.

    Instead if a bunch if toys that will end up being ‘Fun” for a week and never heard from again we did something a little different. This year we took them to a hotel/waterpark as one of their presents. They still got a few but not as much. So we did not tell them what their surprise was. they knew we were going somewhere when we packed the car with their bags but didn’t know until we got there what we had planned. They were all shocked and loved it. I kept hearing this is the best Christmas ever!!! It was a totally fun memory and it will not be some toy at the bottom of their toy box waiting to go in the trash!!

  5. Donna

    December 28, 2010

    I have two favorite memories this year, the first was waking up Christmas morning and seeing the beautiful tree and my Christmas houses all lit up and the huge stack of presents. I couldn’t wait for my son to wake up!
    The other is when my son opened his “big” gift, a Razor Dune Buggy, and he shouted “OMG I hit the jackpot!” it was hilarious!


  6. VampAngel

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Christmas memory is of decorating our white and blue tree (yes that’s right, our xmas tree was plastic, white and we used blue ornaments) with my mom. She passed away 4 years ago and I miss her everyday, but especially on Christmas.


  7. jovialvampyre

    December 28, 2010


    My favorite Christmas memory was 18 years ago when my (at the time) 4 yr old son left the family (45+ people) Christmas Eve get together wearing his Uncle’s shoes. They looked the same but were WAY TOO BIG. When we got home Uncle Joe was calling to ask us to look at Andrew’s feet. We laugh about this every year. Poor Uncle Joe had to go home in the snow barefoot.

  8. megank

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Chirstmas memory is laying under the Christmas tree as a child and looking up at the lights and ornaments on the tree. It always looked like magic.

  9. jane

    December 28, 2010

    Our first and only family puppy under the tree “Snoopy”!!!!!

  10. VladsGal

    December 28, 2010

    was when i was 8yrs old, we didnt have much money , putting up the tree was lots of fun and the present dad got me meant the world to me. it wasnt much but dad stil wanted to get me something.

  11. vallierjenn

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Christmas memory is when we used to get out our artificial tree and I had the job of sorting all the branches by their color on the limb. Then once the tree was up my dad would do all the fluffing and put on the lights. Then we got to put on our ornaments wherever we wanted and most of those were ornaments we made in school. After that dad would pick my sister or I up and we would put the star on top. Then we would stand back and light it. It was just a fun thing to do together as a family. Now, I’m grown and have 2 kids of my own. Our artificial tree just pops together in 3 pieces and is pre-lit. no colored branches to sort!

  12. Nuckin_Futs

    December 28, 2010

    Has to be when me and my sister thought we were slick. We poked holes in our Christmas presents to see if we could get an idea of what they were. Once we did we always put the holes facing back towards the wall to keep my mom from seeing them. After we did we would sweat bullets worrying ourselves to death that she’d find them holes and wear our hides out. She never did. So we thought…. The following year we tried the same thing my sister poked holes in hers while I kept watch and I remember her saying they’re to dark I can’t tell anything. So I did mine next, same thing couldn’t tell nothing. So when we opened our presents that Christmas guess what, my mother had put our presents in brown boxes so when we poked our little holes all we seen was brown box. We weren’t as slick as we thought LOL.

  13. spades_shower_lover

    December 28, 2010

    I must have been 6 or 7 years old. I was at my gran’s house in the countryside, one hour north of Athens. Fields all around, not a soul but me and my gran, chilly December wind, heavy clouds, the fireplace, the big wooden table and the sofa next to the window. My gran brought me flour, water, brushes and watercolors and we baked and painted ornaments for the Christmas tree made of dough while singing carols. No fancy toys & no big deal out of it -best Christmas ever.

  14. Donnablhmistress

    December 28, 2010

    My best Christmas memory was of my son’s first Christmas, though he didn’t completely understand was going on , he loved the bright color wrapping and the boxes -forget the toys lol.

  15. shellbelle711

    December 28, 2010

    So many I’m not sure that I can pick, but maybe the year I finally got my bike! Or the first year that my daughter understood Santa and really got into opening the presents! There were so many that year and it took half the morning!!

  16. liddlshortydemon

    December 28, 2010

    My best Christmas memory was the year my parents pulled out an envelope full of money and had us all sit down as a family and decide what big present to get that would make all of us happy. In the end we decided on a go-kart that was big enough for two adults at a time. I chose this memory because I remember how much fun it was to try and figure out what everyone would want and enjoy together, so it would really be a family gift.

  17. jatlantis

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Christmas memory was with my husband. The first year that we were dating we made Christmas Cookies together.

  18. 85hardy

    December 28, 2010

    Well, I love to decorate the tree and the house by my elf so can make it just right. It takes me longer then it should since I want it to look as perfect as I can make it.
    Now for a favorite memory, I am not sure exactly. One does stick out the most. I was around 10 I think. I was in love with Tom Cruise and wanted Mission Impossible so bad. When I opened it up, I remember feeling so happy from it. It seems so stupid now, but then it was an amazing gift. My sister use to give me something I always wanted and I loved that about her. We lost her a while back so any memories with her are always the most cherished, but with that one I still remember the girlish joy of the gift a little similar to reading the books.
    I am now reading the four Night Huntress books over again before reading the World ones since I just got them for Christmas. They are as much a joy to read the second time as the first. I have a habit of cracking up when I know a scene is coming up I love like when she first met Spade. I love it.

  19. Brain2818

    December 28, 2010

    My most memerable christmas has been this past christmas. I have been really struggling with being a single mom and i have been living with my mom and stepfather. They have both been out of work for most of this year now so we have all been struggling with paying the bills on my small income. Just when we thought we were going to lose everything and be living on the street our family and friends stepped in with some major help. We just felt so blessed to be able to have loved ones be able to step in when you are down on your luck. I was even given enough to buy my boys a fews nice toys. It was a great way to end a very rough year.

  20. eelindsay

    December 28, 2010

    My favorite Christmas memory has got to be when I was 7 years old and I heard something go crashing down the stairs on Christmas eve. I heard my mom swear and in the morning, my brother and I tried to figure out what could make the noise. So we shook the presents we got and settled upon the Star Wars Trilogy VHS pack we recieved (it rattled because a piece of plastic broke off – it still worked though!). My mom confirmed it and that was the day that I realised my mom was buying all our gifts. Fairy tales were shattered but I was rather hilarious.

  21. mixiemoon

    December 28, 2010

    My fondest Christmas memory is from this year. On Christmas morning my husband tells me to stay in the room so he can wrap my gifts. Then I thought I was being cool opening the smallest package. He had wrapped a box of clorox wipes that I had asked him to pick up from the store a week earlier. Although he defiantly redeemed himself with the rest of his gifts. Now I will always remeber the time he wrapped the clorox wipes for Christmas.

  22. biancaluvyew

    December 29, 2010

    My favorite memory of all my christmases so far would be a christmas two years ago. You see my father was always sorta like a jerk because of his childhood and how his family never really spoke to him anymore. So my mother and I would always try to cheer him up and ask him to come over for our party on christmas day. About a week before christmas we contacted his family and asked if they would come. They hesitated but they didn’t know for sure if they could make it. My father should up on christmas day and was VERY suprised to see his family there. The smile he wore that day is waht made me believe that miracles can sometimes exsist.

  23. sarahm41

    December 29, 2010

    my favorite christmas was last year….my brother is in the army and he was in afghanistan so he had us by his 3yo daughter a bike for christmas and on christmas eve we were setting in the living room and she heard a loud noise on the porch followed by a HO HO HO Merry Chrismas when we went outside her bike was wrapped up with a note on it saying “Your Daddy asked me to drop this off for you ” she was laughing and smiling all night it was GREAT

  24. Lora1967

    December 29, 2010

    My christmas memories that i love are from this year. My four year old son. I got my husband a banjo for christmas. He was looking at one and my son said “we got one of them at home” LOL then i got my son in law a present and my son told him what it was. When i said “No its not” He said “Yes it is mom” We went and got it out of its hiding place and showed him that he was right LOL. Thats just a few of the examples. Its been a wild christmas lol
    chaarmedone1512(at)aol (dot)come

  25. Lora1967

    December 29, 2010

    I tweeted but i dont know hoiw to leave the exact link. @Lora1967
    chaarmedone1512(at)aol (dot)come

  26. engarde

    December 29, 2010

    This contest has now ended. Thank you to all who participated. Winner will be announced shortly.

  27. santagirl

    December 29, 2010

    my favorite christmas was a long time ago. I was still in elementary school. at that time my mum was in hospital. A few days before Christmas Eve my mom had an operation. It was very hard for her to be away from her family because she is a real family person and she didn’t want to spend christmas in a hospital. My father and brother wanted to make her as comfortable as possible and so we decided we’ll celebrate christmas together. We all went to the hospital and surprised my mom. We spend the whole day there and it was very very nice. Although it is a long time ago, I can still remember every second of it. Furthermore, I want to mention that none of us got any presents.
    I think that people forget why we actually celebrate christmas. It is all about money and presents but this christmas showed me that it’s not. Family is the most important thing in life so up until today we try to not make christmas about presents. It is one of the rare days where the whole family eats together at one table and we get to talk and discuss a lot.
    It is also the only day where we all go to church.

  28. katsrus

    December 29, 2010

    My favorite memories where going to my grandpa’s farm at Christmas. I got see all my aunt’s, uncles, & cousins. We ate a lot of food too. LOL.

  29. kayquin

    December 29, 2010

    I lover everything about christmas. I love putting lights outside the house, and putting ornaments on our tree together. I also love baking cookies and watching Christmas movies together šŸ™‚

  30. Misses Guerrero

    December 29, 2010

    Fav memory was when my husband confessed that he wanted to get me a wedding band for Christmas..long story why I have only had an engagement ring till now- drama of the blended family had made it easier to not have a full band…It had always been a sore point for me but I had learned to accept the good with the bad… but my husband had been brooding for days…He put his hands through his hair and said baby…’ I wanted to surprise you… but I was not sure what you would like … or what size or…” When I heard this I burst into tears of joy and hugged him…later with the ring on my finger, we walked through the mall together…well he walked but I felt like I was floating on clouds as we walked along…best xmas memory ever…by the way I absolutely LOVE the series.. I found 1/2 way to the grave on and was immediately hooked.. I had been looking for romance novels because I read it was good for married women of all things… never expected that I would find such excellent work… the characters are so intricate, the plots draw you in so quickly…my only complaint is that I have read them all and want more… anyhoo… thanks so much for sharing your gifts!!!

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