December Book Club Discussion: Darynda Jones’ “Grave” Series

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Hello Frosties!
You voted and we are reading Darynda Jones’ “Grave” series in the month of December.

We will open this thread on the first of the month and participants will have until the end of December to complete not only First Grave on the Right but Second Grave on the Left as well (they are quick reads). Those who want to participate, may post comments when ready. Because everyone reads at their own pace, consider yourself advised that spoilers will be present in the discussion thread, but

please do also use spoiler bars for major spoilers. And because we know everyone loves to get together and discuss the books, we will host a special End of Book Discussion Night which will take place live on Sunday, January 1st at 8:00 PM EST and will be very similar to what our book club has been traditionally. Hope to see everyone participate. It should be a fun read!

NOTE: to participate, you need to be a member to the frostfans forum.


  1. Jeri

    December 1, 2011

    I Love the series , I can’t wait until 3rd book comes out 🙂

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