Destined For An Early Grave ARC Contest!

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Want a chance to win an ARC of Destined For An Early Grave, destined (har har) to be released July 28th, 2009??

If you’re furiously nodding your head and squeeing like a banshee then simmer down (for a sec) and read on…

Contest Details:

Contest Details:

1. Send an email to: dfaegcontest (AT) gmail (dot) com.

2. Include your Frost Fans forum username. If you’re not already a member, head over to our chat forums and register for an account. Be patient though, I have to activate each account personally and I’ll do so as soon as I can. When you email us please include a valid username!

3. In the subject line please put “DFAEG contest”.

4. One entry per person.

That’s it! You have until Thursday June 25nd 10pm PST to enter. There will be two winners, and winners will be drawn at random. Expect winners to be announced Friday the 26th!

If you have questions you can email us at the above address.


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