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Meaghan from A Bookworms Haven blog just posted a new review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Excerpt: I love Kira, she is tough, strong willed, and not afraid to fight for what she wants.  She is also not afraid to stand up for Mencheres which is a rare event in the vampire world.  He has made a lot of enemies and not everyone trusts him.  Even some of his closest friends throw insults his way.  They are probably meant to be in jest, but they still affect him and Kira sees it.  She does not care about what they think they know about him because she has undying faith in him and she is proud to stand by him.  I found that quality in her quite admirable and it was refreshing to see Mencheres get a fair shot at things.  Sure, he has done a lot of things in his past, but doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?  I think so, and that is what Kira is for him…

…Overall, this book was fantastic.  I loved getting to know Mencheres better and I feel like I understand him more now.  In the past books I have not really taken to him, but this book changed my mind.  Once again Jeaniene has managed to keep me completely engrossed in her world and I loved every minute of it. 🙂

Thanks Meaghan!

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