Eternal Kiss of Darkness Celebration Giveaway #2!

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Thanks to Jeaniene, we have a signed ARC of Haunted by Your Touch to giveaway!

About Haunted by Your Touch
Enter the dark realm of Nocturna in Jeaniene Frost’s redhot tale, where blisteringly sexy Raphael dominates the demons of a lawless dimension and tries to help a beautiful young woman avenge her cousin’s disappearance. In the shadowy world of Shayla Black’s Doomsday Brethren, magical warrior Raiden vows to protect his woman and their unborn youngling from evil—and deliver her safely to another man. But once he’s saved her, can he let her go? Lycans rule the night in Sharie Kohler’s suspenseful story, as a fiery woman stalks mysterious Luc, the undeniably hypnotic being she believes can save her from turning . . . if she kills him. Danger beckons in these captivating paranormal tales that will tempt readers to the edge and leave them begging for more.

Release Date: October 26, 2010

For more information click here.

Rules for entering
1. Contest is open to international fans.
2. You will receive one (1) entry for posting an answer to today’s Question of the Day along with your email address.
3. You can receive one (1) additional entry for each of the following:
+1 tweeting about how you feel about the EKOD release and include the following link:
+1 mentioning the EKOD release on your blog along with the link
+1 mentioning the EKOD release on Good Reads along with the link
+1 mentioning how you feel about the EKOD release (along with the link) on Facebook or other social media

4. For extra entries, you will have to include a link of your mention (via twitter, facebook, blog) along with your answer to the Question of the Day within one post. Total potential number of entries is limited to five (5) per person.

5. The contest will begin at 12:00 AM EST on July 23, 2010 and end on July 23, 2010 at 11:59 PM EST; 1 winner will be selected by randomizer and contacted via email
5. Once the winners are contacted, they will have 48 hours to respond to my email or another winner will be selected. Make sure you keep an eye out!

Question of the Day
Many of the vampires in Jeaniene’s world changed their names after turning. If you could be a vampire, would you change your name? If so, what name would you choose and why?

Posts will look like this sample:
If I could be a vampire, I would definitely change my name. New life, new identity. I would choose the name Scarlett as a reference to my hunger for blood.
Posted a link to my Facebook profile:!/profile.php…
I tweeted: Eternal Kiss of Darkness Quote by @Jeaniene_Frost releases 7/27/10  less than 20 seconds ago via Tweetie for Mac
Mentioned EKOD on Good Reads:

In this sample post, the member would receive 4 entries.

Do check back frequently this week as there may be more opportunities to win great swag coming up really soon!


  1. lanilani26

    July 23, 2010

    (+1) Sure, why not change my name? Even though I like my current chosen nickname, Lani, it’s definitely NOT vampiric. =p I love my best friends last name, Lynch, so I guess Lynn would be my choice (pretend it’s for short). =p

    (+1) Posted a link to my Facebook profile:!/lanilani26

    (+1) I tweeted: ” Eternal Kiss of Darkness by @Jeaniene_Frost releases in 4 days! Check out the daily quotes here: ” []

    (+1) I blogged:

    (+1) Added to my to-read list on GoodReads, and ‘reviewed’:

  2. tradermare

    July 23, 2010

    1. Would I change my name, absolutely… hate my human name… what would I pick, I’d probably stick with trader, since that a nickname my hubby gave me.
    2. tweeted about the release…
    3. posted a link on facebook…!/profile.php?id=716765441
    4. posted on my blog at … … se-of.html

    oh, and I never win these contests, but I love promoting Jeaniene’s work!

  3. The Mrs

    July 23, 2010

    If I could be a vampire, I would totally change my name. Vampires are the rockstars of the monster lexicon, rockstars have awesome names, therefore changing my name.
    I would change my name to Phoenix, rising from the ashes of ordinary life into immortality (also Jean Grey/the Pheonix is an awesome comic book character!).
    Posted a link to my Facebook profile:!/profile.php?id=596640174

  4. liddlshortydemon

    July 23, 2010

    I would probably change my name. I would want to pick my online identity (liddlshortydemon), but that just doesn’t work so well as a name. Maybe something like Lisdema to use parts of it.

    I tweeted:

    I mentioned on the sidebar of my blog:

    I mentioned the release on facebook:!/profile.php?id=39903196

    I mentioned on goodreads:

  5. lynk1008

    July 23, 2010

    If I could be a vampire, I would be tempted to change my name but don’t know to what I’m not creative so someone’d have to give it to me lol. I suppose I would probably just keep my name, Lynelle. It’s fairly uncommon it’s self.

    I tweeted

  6. NutsaboutQuinn

    July 23, 2010

    If I could be a vampire, I would definitely change my name. New life, new identity. I would choose the name Phallon, for I think its mysterious and provocative and it would be a name people would ask me what and “how did you get a name like Phallon”, I feel that most men potential dinner would ask me that.

  7. engarde

    July 23, 2010

    I think Lynk would be a great name. Great tie between old life and new!

  8. muneca8599

    July 23, 2010

    I would choose the name Vida- which means life. To signify the beginning of a new life and saying goodbye to the old.

    xo Mun

  9. Chocaholic

    July 23, 2010

    I probably would want to change my name, but I would want something exotic and original.

    But I guess in the beginning of my “new life” I would keep my original name for awhile, which is Pam. Pam in True Blood is a pretty cool vamp, so at least I would have a role model! LOL

  10. AngelGoneMad

    July 23, 2010

    (+1)I think I would keep my name if I was turned into a least for the first hundred years lol! I have always liked the name Skye so if I wasto change my name as a vampire I would pick Skye =)

    (+1)Tweeted –

  11. lynk1008

    July 23, 2010

    Thanks engarde 🙂 When I was starting high school I tried to get everyone to start calling me Lyn instead of Lynelle.. but only one teacher and one friend ever kept it up so I stopped trying.. BUT to use it as a vampire.. that I think I could accomplish 🙂

    oh, yea and I changed my twitter name so that other one doesn’t work any more. ha. it is now

  12. shirleyjo

    July 23, 2010

    No, I would not change my name if I became a vampire. I think Shirleyjo just reeks of darkness and power and the thirst for blood!

  13. engarde

    July 23, 2010

    That’s right Shirleyjo, you just go on with your bad self!

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