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I was so strongly affected by Jeaniene’s “Speak”ing Out post that I felt like we needed not a Moment of Silence but a Day Of “Speak”ing.

My mother was raped by someone who was a religious leader and a person she trusted.  I didn’t find out till after she had passed on and regret never being able to talk to her about what happened and how it had affected her life.  How she decided to keep me, and how hard it must have been for her, living as a single unwed mother in a culture that shunned women like her.   Silence has hurt us both.

There are many forms of “rape”, but they all have a common denominator — the loss of innocence.  I’ve had my innocence stolen from me and I have close friends and family that experienced worse than I did.   So for Mary & Violet and the millions of children, women and men that have been robbed of their innocence, let us “speak” for them today.

The forums will be closed for 24hrs to observe this moment of “speak”ing.   I’ve copied ways you can get involved straight from Jeaniene’s post, so please “speak” if you can.  If you can’t we’ll see you tomorrow.

Thank you, Jeaniene, for your courage.  I am proud to call you friend.

What You Can Do

Copied from Jeaniene’s blog post:

Copied from Laurie Anderson’s blog below are ways she is encouraging people to counter Scroggins’ attempt at censorship:
Please share your experiences with SPEAK; your own response to the book, or the way you’ve seen it work in a school setting. Tahleen has already posted her thoughts on her blog. You can do the same. Please share links to your blog in Comments here.
Please speak up to the people who can make a real difference in Republic, MO.
* R.A.I.N.N.’s statistics on sexual assault in the United States: and

recent testimony before the Senate from the Director of the Office on Violence Against Women on statistics and findings on rape in the United States:

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