Frostfans Book Club: DFAEG Re-read chapters 22-24, Sunday @ 8 PM ET

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Please join us for our next book club which will be held December 17 at 8:00 PM ET. Last Sunday, we discussed Destined for an Early Grave (DFAEG) chapters 22-24. For the next meeting, we will be reading DFAEG, chapters 25-27 and discussing the following questions. Please have your answers prepared ahead of time as the discussion moves quickly. Also, do limit your answers to your top favorites. If you have other points you would like to discuss regarding these chapters opportunity will be provided during the “cool down” portion of the evening. This book club is ongoing and open to anyone who would like to join us.

NOTE: you do need to be a member of the frostfans forums to participate.

Discussion Questions
Any “a-ha” moments? (something newly discovered this re-read?)
Favorite quote:
Any LOL moments?
Character Strengths:
Character Weaknesses:
Favorite romantic scene/ sexy moment:
Favorite fight/argument:
Favorite visual:
Favorite minor character:
Favorite baddie:
Any elements of foreshadowing:
Favorite moment:
Least favorite moment:
Ideal song suggestion:

Bonus questions
-The first time you read the series, were you surprised by Cat’s choice?
-Why do you think that Bones wanted Mencheres present at Cat’s event?
-What did you think of Cat’s choice of who to contact before her changing?


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