Frostfans Book Club Discussion Night: The Fever Series

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Hello Frosties!

It’s time for end-of-month book club discussion of The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. Next Sunday, December 4 at 8 pm EST we will have our discussion. During November, we discussed the first two books in the series. Do you love or hate JZB? Do you want to go to Ireland for a chance to kiss the Blarney Stone or for a peek at V’Lane?

The questions on tap this time are:

Favorite quote
Character strength/weaknesses
Favorite romantic/sexy moment
Favorite fight/argument
Favorite visual
Favorite minor character
Favorite baddie
Elements of foreshadowing for future installments
Favorite moment
Least favorite moment

1. What struck you the most about the way Mac changed?

2. Do you see any themes that KMM established?

3. If you were in Mac’s shoes, would you have stayed in Dublin or returned home?

4. In the first books, Mac despises what Barrons represents. In Dreamfever, does she become just as ruthless as JZB?

5. Are you satisfied with how things ended with Rowena? With Dani?

FYI, there will be spoilers for the rest of the books in the series so please be advised.

Please drop in next Sunday to discuss our favorite ill-tempered book store owner, Ms. Lane and the rest of their adventures throughout Dublin. Hope to see you there!

NOTE: To participate, membership is required but free.

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