Frostfans Book Club–Reloaded!

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Hallo Frosties!

I know many of you are book club fans. We took a little break from the normal format in order to rethink our approach. With so many internationals joining our site and with the various time zones, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a time that worked for everyone.

We have come up with a new book club format and we hope you are excited about it. First, we are going to hold the book club within a new thread each week and people can post and compare/contrast their answers. Questions will be posted every Monday and the thread will be open all through the week and then it is locked. Once we have finished a book, we will schedule a special End of Book Discussion Night which will take place live on a Sunday evening and will be very similar to what our book club has been traditionally.

To begin, we are asking for at least 12 people to commit to participating each week.
In addition to our standard discussion questions, we are asking book club members to be on a rotating schedule to provide 2-4 additional discussion questions–hopefully only one time per book. On the Monday of their week, members will be responsible for posting a 2-3 line summary for this week’s read (i.e.: This week, Cat faces the grave, Bones gets mad at Ian, Mencheres rips Bones’ arm off, and you don’t want to miss it!) the standard questions (favorite quote, etc…) along with 2-4 additional discussion questions of their own. This is not the time to get into parts of speech or anything too technically heavy. The whole goal of this is to stir up great Frostie conversation. If enough people sign up, each member would only have to come up with questions one time per book.

What do you guys think of this approach? If you are excited about this and would like to participate, please post a response on our book club reloaded thread. Also, I have created a survey so you can vote on which title you would like to explore next.

Thanks everyone. I think this is going to be a lot of fun!

Note: You do have to be a member on the frostfans forum to participate, but signing up is quick and easy!

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