Frostfans Book Club: Sunday Nights at 7:00 PM EST

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As some of you know, we host a Frost Fans book club every Sunday night. Each week we read 3 chapters from one of Jeaniene Frost‘s core books and then answer discussion questions. Currently, we are reading chapters 19-21 from At Grave’s End. We ask that each reader has already read the series or understand that you may be “spoiled” as sometimes the conversation may cover foreshadowing in future works. If you are interested in joining us for book club, check out the details under this week’s thread on the Frostfans forum.

The night of book club, go to the thread for that date at the designated time, go to the last post and we should all be there. From that point forward, one of us will be leading the discussion and you should just follow along. We will go through the discussion questions one at a time and post our answers so we can compare and contrast. Book club usually lasts about 2 hours and we finish up with an “cool down” portion where we open the floor up for discussion questions about any of the books.

It’s a really fun time. One thing to note, you do have to be a member of Frostfans forum to post but signing up is free. Hope you can join us!


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