Frostfans bookclub: AGE by @jeaniene_frost, chapters 22-24 tonight @ 7:00 EST w/bonus questions

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Hallo Frosties,

Please join us for our next book club tonight at 7:00 PM EST when we will be discussing AGE chapters 22-24 and answering the questions. This week, we see Cat establishing herself as head of Bones’ line and end up meeting the “widow-maker,” Patra. Hope to see you there!

Bonus questions: And *hint-hint* You will want to stick around for a teaser!

In chapter 22, we see, “Mencheres made no comment when I appeared later with Vlad at my side. If he’d guessed at any of the drama, he kept it to himself.” Not trying to cause trouble with a particular mod *cough!* but what do you think he was thinking seeing Cat with Vlad?

Chapter 23, we learn that Thomas refuses to call the half-breed his leader. Do you think that is a belief commonly held by vampires?

Chapter 24, we see Cat not begrudging Annette for her enthusiastic greeting. What do you think of Cat’s response?

Chapter 24, Cat said, “Even my mother lingered by the doorway, pretending not to care about the story as it unfolded.” In light of what we have just read in Death’s Excellent Vacation, what does this say about Justina?

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