FrostFans Bookclub: Reckoning-Prologue-Chaps 1-3 Sunday 8PM

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Please join us for our next book club which will be held January 30 at 8:00 PM ET. Last time we met, we finished with the final chapters of DFAEG. For the next meeting we will begin with the chapters 1-3 of the short story Reckoning in the anthology UnBound. Please have your answers prepared ahead of time as the discussion moves quickly. Also, do limit your answers to your top favorites. If you have other points you would like to discuss regarding these chapters opportunity will be provided during the “cool down” portion of the evening. Please be warned that we may discuss foreshadowing and other spoilers may be revealed. Attend at your own risk if you have not finished Jeaniene’s works. This book club is ongoing and open to anyone who would like to join us.

Discussion Questions:

Is Eric a sympathetic character?
Were there clues Eric missed?
Why do you think he missed them?
Why do you think Jeaniene started with such a gruesome scene?

Chapters 1-3:

“Ghosts bathed the cemetery and its surrounding streets like spectral cobwebs. Bones ignored them, though they could to be as noisy and bothersome as the tourists. New Orleans Quarter was the last place for anyone to rest in peace, be it the living, or the dead.”

Why do you think the ghosts hang out in New Orleans?
In the exchange between Bones and Jalani, what do we learn about Marie?
What do we learn about Jelani?
What do we learn about the LaLauries?

From what we have seen so far, has your perspective of Bones changed by seeing things from his POV? What new information does he reveal about himself? What was Bones’ pre-Cat life like?
Any a-ha moments?
Favorite visual?
Any elements of foreshadowing?

Note: You do need to be a member of the FrostFans Forum to participate.

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