Frostfans Scavenger Hunt–Lots of Prizes!

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Hello Frosties!

We have something very fun and special planned for the week leading up to the This Side of the Grave release party. There will be a forum-wide “scavenger hunt.” There will be clue(s) and prize(s) information posted daily. The answer(s) will be able to be found on the chat forum unless otherwise stated. He he, yes we ARE that evil (we learn from the best after all) but will give you a heads up that the clue(s) for the day may be found elsewhere, either on the FrostFans blog or Jeaniene’s blog. Beginning Sunday, March 20, 2011 a clue will be posted daily through Friday, March 25, 2011. So, check back each day for the new clue and prize. There will be an announcement each day with the previous day’s winner.

Please see the Eulogies thread for all the details.

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