Giveaway and Interview with Jeaniene Frost on Over the Edge Book Reviews

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Jeaniene recently gave a great interview on Over the Edge Book Reviews in which she discusses Eternal Kiss of Darkness, Haunted By Your Touch and reveals some personal information, like what types of interesting tidbits she discovers while doing research for her works:

Excerpt: Every time I do research, I learn at least one fact that surprises me. For example, when I looked up crimes with the sentence of deportation in 18th century England to fill in Bones’s backstory, I was stunned at how things that would net you a slap on the wrist in today’s justice system were cause for hanging or decades of penal colony hard labor back then. In researching M-theory and dimensions when fabricating my world of Nocturna in the Haunted By Your Touch anthology, I learned that some physicists hypothesize that the reason why gravity is so “low” here on earth is because it’s only being derived from leaks in another dimensional layer. I researched voodoo and learned some interesting things about it to flesh out a character in Destined for an Early Grave. My books might be fiction – and paranormal fiction to boot – but you have to build from a framework of fact before you can turn those facts on their head to fit your stories, and research is the key to that knowledge.

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the interview and enter to win a copy of Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Great interview Christine!

Haunted By Your Touch releases October 26 and is available now for preorder.


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