Goodreads Interview and a Snippet from Up from the Grave!

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Hi all!

Last week, Jeaniene posted an interview from goodreads (video) in which she answers the following questions:

“After you’re done with Cat and Bones and Vlad and Leila, will you continue to write about the Night Huntress World?”

“Has Maximus been cut off from Vlad’s line and is there any chance he can redeem himself to Vlad and Leila?”

“NH will be over soon (I am extremely sad about that). How do you feel about that and are you ending the series with a bang?”

“Are any of the characters in your books like yourself?”

“Do you listen to music when you write? Do you have a certain album that helps the writing process along?”

“How did you start? I mean, were you rejected by any agents?”

“Will we ever meet Timothy? (Where is he now? Etc?)”

“You’ve got such a fresh point of view on Dracula, and I love it! What made you think of this version of the Dark Prince?”

“I am very interested to know if we will have more interaction with the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau?”

“What gives with Don? He’s still secretive, even as a ghost.”

“I have a serious love/hate feeling about Vlad. During the writing process do you ever stop and think, ‘Wow, this guy can be a real jerk!’?”

“Could you please tell me when Cat And Bones book #7, which I believe is called Up From The Grave, will be available for pre-ordering?”

“Will you ever write a book about Ian?”

If you were curious about the answers to any of those questions, click on the video link above.

Also, while you are there, be sure to check out the Up from the Grave snippet Jeaniene posted at the bottom. Warning, spoiler warning if you have not read “Home for the Holidays” in The Bite Before Christmas anthology.

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