Up from the Grave QOTD #10

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Hallo Frosties!

We are continuing in our countdown to the release of Jeaniene Frost’s final installment in the Night Huntress series titled Up from the Grave. And because we know you love the little snippets to whet your appetite, we have selected a handful of quotes to give you a sneak peek and have left it up to you to figure out who said what and to whom! We hope you enjoy figuring it out in the days leading up to January 28th.

*drum roll*

Today’s quote of the day is:

“Wow,” I whispered.

“Showhound,”  Bones muttered in reply.

Any guesses whom Bones is talking about?? 😉

And here’s the list of Quotes already revealed:

Quote #1: “Missed me, Kitten?”
Quote #2: “You must be taking a piss on me.”
Quote #3: “You know family.”  My tone was clipped.  ”Always a pain in the ass.”
Quote #4: My queen, his thoughts said reverently. 
My ass, I didn’t reply out loud.
Quote #5: Spade let out a sound; half growl, half hiss. 
“Don’t threaten me, Crispin.”
Quote #6: Of course.  Because a six-foot-two, muscled, Master vampire known to be a centuries-old badass was the picture of helplessness.
Quote #7: “Why do you bother, Crispin?  You married a fighter, so stop trying to convince her that the sidelines suit her better.”
Quote #8: “And you’re the same overbearing asshole you’ve always been,” Tate replied, eyes glinting green.  ”But you’re right.  For this, I’m your man.”
Quote #9: “I’m on the clock here.  Besides, I thought you’d like this.  There’s a True Blood panel starting soon.”

“Really?”  I blurted.

Bones’s raised brow had me reluctantly adding, “We’re not here for fun.  We came to ask if you’d help us find someone.”



  1. DoublesQueen

    January 10, 2014

    Ok we all know Bones is talking about Vlad. 🙂 I wonder what Vlad did to make Cat say wow. 🙂

    Ok took me some time to find the email with my password so I couldn’t comment before, but quote 5, there is another reason why Spade might say that to Bone’s, and that is if Spade said something that Bone’s didn’t like to Cat, then Bone’s would threaten Spade.

    Quote 7 was either Ian or Vlad.

    Quote 9 is Tyler I think. Hmm I wonder if Vlad will bring Leila with him.

  2. DoublesQueen

    January 10, 2014

    Quote 6 I think Cat’s thinking that about Vlad, and the reason he might look helpless is because Leila might have volunteered for something that puts her in danger.

  3. Robert

    January 10, 2014

    Wait, who’s Tyler again? I agree with DoublesQueen regarding her first post. I dunno about Quote 6 being about Vlad though….

    • DoublesQueen

      January 10, 2014

      Tyler’s the medium, the one that fancied Bones and Ian, the one with the dog. And quote 7 was probably Ian as only those that knew Bones before he became a vamp calls him Crispin. Quote 6 I’m not sure now if it Vlad I need to go and check Once Bitten when Leila describes Vlad, I seem to remember that he was just under six foot though I might be wrong also I think Cat’s said that Bones was 6.2 in height. The reason I thought Vlad as he’s known as being badass vamp, famous for it.

      Of course Vlad would be in this book it’s the last with Cat and Bones beside he Cat’s friend and we know he would do almost anything for his friends.

  4. MissCris

    January 10, 2014

    VLAD!!!!!!!! I adore him! Can’t wait to see him in this book, especially because now he has Leila and the interaction between these four vampires (Cat, Bones, Vlad and Leila) will be soooo interesting and fun to read!

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