Up from the Grave QOTD #5

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Hallo Frosties!

We are continuing in our countdown to the release of Jeaniene Frost’s final installment in the Night Huntress series titled Up from the Grave. And because we know you love the little snippets to whet your appetite, we have selected a handful of quotes to give you a sneak peek and have left it up to you to figure out who said what and to whom! We hope you enjoy figuring it out in the days leading up to January 28th.

*drum roll*

The fifth quote of the day is:

Spade let out a sound; half growl, half hiss. 
“Don’t threaten me, Crispin.”

Whoah! What do you think is happening there?

And here’s the list of Quotes already revealed:

Quote #1: “Missed me, Kitten?”
Quote #2: “You must be taking a piss on me.”
Quote #3: “You know family.”  My tone was clipped.  ”Always a pain in the ass.”
Quote #4: My queen, his thoughts said reverently. 
My ass, I didn’t reply out loud.


  1. ghostcat

    January 5, 2014

    I love the Night huntress books. I’ll miss reading new plots about cat and bones once I get my copy of Up from the Grave. I’ll reread all of them as is my habit. I also rewatch movies. It’s what I do with stories I love. To whoever made this site, I think your lucky to have so much info on the new book. I don’t know or care if your friends with the author. If you are, count yourself lucky. She seems to be someone anyone would be lucky to have as a friend. I’m not sure what that was with you and someone else fighting over who is her biggest fan. I suppose it lets Jeaniene know who’s name to put on the restraining order. As for the quote. It’s no longer who said that but a I read the book and you have not. : P~~~~~~~. If Spade and Bones are fighting and Spade is pissed it’s most likely Bones wants Denise to do something Spade does not want. I’m sure you will remove this post as it’s not in the spirit of the forum. It’s just my opinion. Consider me no longer a “Frostie”, but I shall stay someone that admires Jeaniene’s work and will always love Cat and Bones.

  2. MissCris

    January 5, 2014

    This worries me! Spade and Bones have been best friends for over hundreds of years! If they’re fighting it has something to do with Denise doing something, possibly dangerous, to help with whatever is going on with Cat and the vamps back at the base. Something tells me Denise won’t like Spade keeping her from the action, though.

  3. Eli Atanasova

    January 5, 2014

    I think that Bones is worried about Cat because something happened or is about to happen to her and he is really nervous so I guess he said something that made Spade to act like this. Maybe Bones said something about Denise.

  4. Burnt28

    January 5, 2014

    Hmm. . . ok government love to experement . . . new vamps swimmers still swim. . new vamps work for governement. . . Cat a queen? ? or I was thinking gov. experementing zombie . . robot like vampes. . . . Just thinkin aloud or in print.

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