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Hallo Frosties!

Happy New Year! With the arrival of the first of the year we are starting our countdown to the release of Jeaniene Frost’s final instalment in the Night Huntress series titled Up from the Grave. And because we know you love the little snippets to whet your appetite, we have selected a handful of quotes to give you a sneak peek and have left it up to you to figure out who said what and to whom! We hope you enjoy in the days leading up to January 28, 2014.

*drum roll*

The first quote of the day is:

“Missed me, Kitten?”

Now, if you don’t know who that is, it’s definitely time for a re-read! ;)


  1. Avatar of MissCris


    January 2, 2014

    Bones! Nobody else is allowed to call Cat ‘Kitten’ unless they want to suffer at the hands of Bones! On the other hand it might be Tate trying to goad Bones but I doubt it! @shirleyjo, you and me both!

  2. Avatar of dcvamp


    January 2, 2014

    Cue drum roll please……………..the one, the only…….BONES!!!!! This is definitely bittersweet :)

  3. Avatar of Ieva


    January 8, 2014

    Bones would be such an obvious choice. But if someone tried to tease her or him by calling Cat that nickname Bones always use.

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