Great new review of This Side of the Grave from Supernatural Snark

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Jenny from Supernatural Snark blog has been a long-time fan of Cat & Bones. When I saw that she had written a review of This Side of the Grave and I could not wait to hear her thoughts!

Excerpt: This Side of the Grave is another fun-filled romp through the Night Huntress world, one where the laughs keep coming, the smoldering heat of Cat and Bones continues to singe the pages, and the relationships between the protagonists and those around them continue to grow until our emotional proximity to those whose lives unfold before us can get no closer. Ms. Frost’s characters, for all their undead status, absolutely come to life through her effortless storytelling, engaging us, taunting us, and drawing us in to their world as though we’ve belonged there all along.

Great review, thanks Jenny!

Please be sure to visit Supernatural Snark blog to read her review of This Side of the Grave in it’s entirety.

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