Great Review of Once Burned: “Vlad is the best character in the entire Night Huntress series”

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Kendal Stegmann just posted a fantastic review of Once Burned on her Goodreads review page:

Vlad and Leila have immediate chemistry. Vlad can touch her without injury, and she challenges him at every turn. When I started reading this book, I was afraid that they would have an happily ever after immediately, like the other spin-off books. Ms. Frost starts developing their relationship slowly. This really isn’t a love at first sight book. Both have their issues where they are unable to find true love in their lives. Due to her abilities, Leila has never known physical or emotional love and Vlad’s past experiences has left incapable of love. However, you feel their chemistry and attachment to each other. They have a foundation but can they build a true and lasting relationship on it.

Nice review and we completely agree! Please visit her page to read Kendal’s review in it’s entirety. Have you read Once Burned yet?

Once Burned is available now.

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