Guess Who is Coming to the TSOTG Release Party??

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On the night of March 27th, we have set aside the evening to discuss This Side of the Grave. We will cover all the normal discussion questions AND I will be peppering in some of Jeaniene’s answers to the questions you submitted last week. But as a special surprise, JEANIENE FROST will be dropping by to chat for the first hour. Squeee!

In addition, Jeaniene has generously offered several signed copies of This Side of the Grave for giveaways. Wont is preparing some *cough* challenging trivia questions for the night of the release party, so come with your books!

And big, huge thanks to Jeaniene for making this all possible!

Book club:
For this meeting, we will have finished our read of TSOTG and will discuss the following questions. Please have your answers prepared ahead of time as the discussion moves quickly. Also, do limit your answers to your top favorites. If you have other points you would like to discuss regarding these chapters opportunity will be provided during the “cool down” portion of the evening. Please be warned that we may discuss foreshadowing and other spoilers may be revealed. Attend at your own risk if you have not finished Jeaniene’s works. This book club is open to anyone who would like to join us…no matter who their favorite character is! LOL!

NOTE: Release Party and book club will be located on the frostfans forums. To participate in book club, you do have to be a member, but registering is easy and free!

Discussion Questions
Any “a-ha” moments?
Favorite quote:
Any LOL moments?
Character Strengths:
Character Weaknesses:
Favorite romantic scene/ sexy moment:
Favorite fight/argument:
Favorite visual:
Favorite minor character:
Favorite baddie:
Any elements of foreshadowing:
Favorite moment:
Least favorite moment:
Ideal song suggestion:


  1. jana3bananas

    March 26, 2011

    So we just need to have the TSOTG book right? OR do we need them all onhand? I have all the audiobooks so i will need to go and get the other book/books if i need them……..

  2. Tynga

    March 27, 2011

    Will spoilers be warked?
    I wanna be here for the event, but I haven’t read This Side of the Grave yet, I’m having problems with the shipping =( It’s taking forever!

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