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In case you live under a rock (if that’s the case, here *hands out cookies* have some), today is the release of Eternal Kiss of Darkness!   Many of us have been eagerly awaiting the release of this 2nd book in the Night Huntress World series!   Well it’s here!   And we finally get to see if Mencheres gets his happy ending.   If you haven’t already ordered it (or even if you have!) go out and get your copy!   Let’s get Jeaniene’s release week sales up there!   Cause remember, if her spin-off books do well, we have a much better chance of getting more, like Ian and Vlad books!!!

Also note, on August 15th, there will be a special Eternal Kiss of Darkness release party on our forums.   Jeaniene will be doing a “virtual interview” that night so if there’s any questions you might have, this is your chance to get them answered.   For more details please go here!

And finally congrats to Jeaniene on the release of another new book!   You rock Jeaniene!


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