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I’ve had the distinct pleasure and honor of receiving an ARC of Haunted By Your Touch and I couldn’t be more excited, cause Jeaniene’s story rocked my socks off.    Here’s my take on her new short story, Night’s Darkest Embrace that I devoured in a few hours.

Frost burns up the pages in her new novella titled, Night’s Darkest Embrace, in the anthology, Haunted By Your Touch.

In typical Frost style the writing is well paced, the dialogue witty and smart, the heroine kick-ass and the hero smoldering.

We’re quickly submerged in Mara’s struggle to discover the details of her cousin’s disappearance. Mara is a likable character with a balance of bravery, smarts, down to earth goodness and ‘shoot ‘em up, kill ‘em’ instincts.

The setting is Nocturna, a dark parallel universe that is intriguing and sultry. There’s plenty of detail to make you ponder the details of the societies that live there long after you’ve put the book down, but not enough to bore you with the unnecessary.

Raphael is a character who’s mysterious, sexy and powerful. He is one of the hottest alpha males this side of Hell. I know he melted me into a quivering puddle of goo with that sexy voice of his. At the same time, he wasn’t a typical, cliché, over-the-top alpha male. The man has depth. And I’d plumb him any day.

For all the reasons I love this genre – cool preternatural creatures, fantastical worlds, smoking romance – I loved this short. Not typically a fan of short stories, I was hooked in and invested in Mara’s journey right at the first paragraph. Besides the elements I love of this genre, Frost made me believe in Mara’s cause, swoon at Raphael’s intensity and grip my seat in anticipation. My only complaint is that it ended too soon. I could have easily read a whole series about these characters and the dimensions they live in. Yet the ending was satisfying and left me smiling.

Frost has done it again — further proving that no matter which kind of damned creature she’s writing about – you’re gonna wanna read it.


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