Jeaniene’s No New Year Resolutions

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Jeaniene blogs about her new approach to New Year Resolutions and I couldn’t agree more with her zen like goals. I’m guilty for not living in the moment as well and found her post inspirational. She says,

…I’m slowly learning that same lesson with writing, by the way. When I started out, all I wanted to do was finish a book. That, I was convinced, would be enough for me. And when it happened, it was great, but as soon as I typed “the end” I realized the inner validation I’d been looking for wasn’t there. I thought I’d find it by having a professional tell me it was a good book, so signing with an agent became my new quest. Countless revisions and queries later, I did. Then I thought it would be enough if the book sold. When that happened, I told myself what would really make me feel secure was if the book did okay. After it hit the extended bestseller lists, I was thrilled, but right behind that was doubt. Maybe my first book was just a fluke. Okay, if the second one did well, then I’d finally feel secure about my writing…

To read her complete post, please visit her blog.

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