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Vampire Book Club is currently hosting an Alpha Smackdown contest, in which Bones has been a stronger contender for the Alpha Throne.  Fortunately for us, aside from getting to vote for our chosen Alpha, we get some bonus entertainment — Jeaniene and Ilona Andrew poking fun at each other.   If Ilona’s Kate was up against Jeaniene’s Bones, this is what their exchange would look like:


Bones: I will beat you because am tough but inwardly vulnerable since I spent the last two hundred years whoring and killing to fill the emptiness inside.

Kate: I am tough but inwardly vulnerable, too! And I will kick your ass because I was born with a secret power that made me a loner, and don’t even get me started on my pent-up rage over my daddy issues.

Bones: Secret powers and daddy issues don’t scare me. You just described my wife.

Kate: Dude, I make spikes out of my blood.  Also I have a magic sword that eats vampire flesh.

Bones: So do I, and it’s in my pants. Haven’t you heard about Chapter 32?

Kate: What’s Chapter 32?

Bones: Ask Curran to show you.

Kate: What does any of this have to do with us fighting to the death?

Bones: It means I can launch a sneak attack from the front OR back!

Kate:  Oh, you want cheesy word play? Fine, I will defeat you with my overused phrases.  Why me, dear God, slabbed with muscle, Your Furriness, aha.

Bones: Bollocks, bloody hell,  luv, pet–

Kate: – You forgot Kitten.

Bones: –thrust deep, thrust deep, thrust deep –

Kate: More Chapter 32 again?

Bones: No, I have to do this in every book. Seems I shag as though I’m drilling for crude oil.

Copied from Jeaniene’s blog post.

Wasn’t that entertaining?  Yes?  If you liked that, maybe you could vote for Bones in the current showdown?  It’s been a tough race against Jace from Cassandra Clare’s [amazon_link id=”1416955070″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Immortal Instruments series[/amazon_link]!  Show your love for Bones, by voting for him as alpha, here!

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