My Reading Addiction Review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness

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Tricia from My Reading Addiction blog just posted a new review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Excerpt: The story really took off once Kira starts to realize her true feelings for Mencheres and the existence of a paranormal world. Mencheres is a very matter of fact type person he hasn’t had anyone around him that kept him grounded and his humanity is holding on by a thread until Kira comes along. Kira is sassy and spunky with a quick wit that reminded me of Cat and it works matched against Mencheres’ dark and stoic personality. Kira breathes a lighter playfulness into Mencheres taking him from distant and ominous to passionate and sensual. I really enjoyed Kira’s back and forth banter with Mencheres and the sizzling chemistry between them went a long way to changing my feelings for Mencheres.

Thanks Tricia!

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