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TigerHolland just posted a fantastic review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness on For What It’s Worth blog.

Excerpt: Oh, this is a good one. In the Night Huntress books, Mencheres was just another character to me, an ancient, aloof friend of the protagonists, but he really shines in his own book. His personality type isn’t one I’m used to—for one thing, he’s a few thousand years old, so he has a different take on the world than either Bones or Spade, previous heroes from this world who are only a couple of centuries old. Mencheres has seen, heard, and done enough that almost nothing truly surprises him. He’s not cold or unfeeling in the slightest, but he comes across that way if you don’t have access to his POV, which is why it’s such a revelation to jump back and forth between Kira and Mencheres’ thoughts—you get to see the very strong contrast between the way he’s perceived and what he’s actually like, inside his head.

Click here to read the Eternal Kiss of Darkness review in it’s entirety.

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