New interview with Jeaniene Frost on Supernatural Snark

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Jenny from Supernatural Snark Blog recently interviewed Jeaniene Frost and she answers a few interesting questions.

Excerpt: Did you come up with the nickname “Kitten” first and then name her Catherine, or did you have Cat/Catherine in your head from the beginning which then lead to “Kitten”?

When I started Halfway to the Grave, I only had Cat/Catherine in my head. I never even though of Bones giving Cat a permanent nickname, let alone that it would be Kitten. The first mention of Bones calling her that was something I spontaneously wrote in the scene where Bones was taunting Cat by saying she looked more like a Kitten Tweety than a Cat Raven. Then, in their other scenes, Bones kept on calling her kitten (note the little “k”), but not as a taunt anymore. As a form of affection. Finally, when I was through writing HTTG and realized Bones had rarely called her Cat, but called her kitten repeatedly, I quit fighting it and went back and replaced all the lower “k’s” with upper ones. So I guess you could say Bones chose her nickname instead of me *wink*.
Great job Jenny!

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