New Review of Destined for an Early Grave by Tynga’s Reviews

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It’s always fun to see a new reader pick up the series and fall in love. Such is the case with the lastest Destined for an Early Grave review from Tynga as her passion for the series is evident.

Excerpt: Frost does it again, Destined for an Early Grave was amazing, intense, breath-taking, heart-breaking and I could keep going, but I think you got the point! I’m in love head over heels with this series and I think this installment put the stakes (pun intended) higher. I came close to tears multiple time reading this book, but chapter 17 killed me, I was literally stunned and I couldn’t believe what I just read, but this wasn’t the only surprise. The plot took twist and turns I never imagined in a thousand years and I was taken by this urgent need to keep on reading and reading until the end came. And geez do I want more? Yes, Please!


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