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Missie from The Unread Reader Blog just posted a new review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Excerpt: There were bits of Kira’s character that reminded me of Cat, but overall, Kira was in a league of her own. She is the kind of character I wish I could grow up to be like. She was tough and didn’t stand for any BS, well, expect maybe from her brother, but who doesn’t let family push them around? Still, I loved how she always had the courage to face Mencheres and say what was on her mind. Also, she really knew how to take possession of what was hers, and she fought for it, bravely. It was refreshing to see a character accept her new destiny so naturally…

…Overall, *le sigh* a perfect balance of romance, poignant moments, sprinkles of humor, and action that makes EKoD a wonderful addition the the Night Huntress World series.

Nice review Missy!


  1. Missie

    October 8, 2010

    Awesome website! Thank so much for linking my review! Very cool.

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