New review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Smash Attack Reads

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Longtime friend of all things Jeaniene Frost, Ash, has written a fantastic review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

Excerpt: …”I can’t say I was too excited for Mencheres’ story. I’ve never thought of him as sexy, he was always a bit scary (he posses MAJOR amounts of power) and aloof. Emotionally detached. Well, that has definitely ALL changed now! Frost managed to add depth, interest, compassion and actually breathed life back into Mencheres’ character. She also described his Egyptian history, which was some of my favorite scenes in the book. Just awesome! And, Mencheres might be older than dirt, but in this world – the older you are, the more power you have to make your partner’s body explode with euphoric sensations! *sizzle*

Thanks Ash!


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