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Over the past few weeks, it’s been fun watching Marq work her way through the Night Huntress series. She has just posted a new review of Eternal Kiss of Darkness to her Love to Read for Fun blog.


EKOD has everything that makes the Night Huntress series so great! There’s great chemistry between Mencheres and Kira. Kira reminds me of Cat in a lot of ways. Kira is strong-willed, independent, and smart. Her snarky humor provided many funny moments throughout the book. She went toe-to-toe with Mencheres without backing down. She was never intimidated by him even when she was a prisoner in his house. And I loved the way she protected Mencheres like a mama bear protecting her cub.


Eternal Kiss of Darkness is a fantastic book that I could not put down. I started reading the book because my Kindle was charging. I’d decided to read a couple of chapters and then go back to the book I was previously reading on my Kindle. It didn’t happen. Once I finished the first chapter, I could not put it down.  EKOD is a definite must read. Frost is back on her game with this one! You will not be disappointed.

Thanks Marq!

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