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A new review of Halfway to the Grave was just posted on Paranormal Romance blog.

Excerpt: I LOVED THIS BOOK. Possibly, it is my favorite UF discovery since Chicagoland Vampires. Cat and Bones are both hilariously witty. They’re also quirky, but consistently so, and each in their own special way. They have very stimulating banter – awesome chemistry – and yet the book isn’t just page after page of them mooning over each other. The secondary characters are entertaining and pretty well developed. There is a highly complicated and exciting plot. Certain scenes are so outrageously over the top that you just want to give Ms. Frost a big congratulatory hug for her boldness. The whole thing is just really well-written, laugh-out-loud, solid good fun.

You can read solo’s enthusiastic review of Halfway to the Grave on Paranormal Romance.

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