Once Burned Review from Julie of Yummy Men and Kick-Ass Chicks

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Julie from www.yummymenandkickasschicks.com just posted on goodreads a sample of her upcoming Once Burned review:

OMG Vlad is amazing!!! He is so cocky and arrogant you can’t help but love him. And Leila is very interesting. I liked her a lot. I was surprised by how open this book was left in the end but that just means that I’m already panting over the next book. Have a while to wait though…*sigh* Bones and company make one tiny little cameo but overall this is very much Vlad’s book. Vlad fans will love this book. 5 stars.

Please keep an eye out for the full review to be posted on yummymenandkickasschicks.com closer to the Once Burned release date.

Once Burned is available now for pre-order and will release on June 26, 2012.

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