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Here they all are:

June 14:
“I think Mount Everest is gorgeous, too, but that doesn’t mean I have any intention of trying to climb it.”

June 15:
“Do you always do other people’s thinking for them, or is this something you’ve reserved just for me?”

June 16:
“You watched me the whole time, didn’t you?”

June 17:
“Bath toys are reserved only for the oldest, more lethal vampires.”

June 18:
“A glance confirmed….. That wasn’t the wall brushing against….anymore. It was the ceiling.”

June 19:
“Put ‘em back without smashing them and I think you’ve got it.”

June 20:
“He laughed…No. I’m warning you that I will show you no mercy.”

June 21:
“If anyone other than you had me fly halfway around the world just to keep me waiting while you were obviously lingering in bed, I’d have my driver run them over. Twice.”

June 22:
“Good for you. With all those memories, sounds like you should direct a porno titled Gods Gone Wild.”

June 23:
“You follow me now? How empty your days must be.”

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