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In case you missed it yesterday, Jeaniene Frost was on the Barnes and Noble boards answering reader’s questions. We have peppered in some of the information on the frostfans forums, but here is a summary of the questions and answers:

I know that you would like to write some books about Vlad and maybe Ian. My question may be redundant, but do you have any idea when we can expect to know more about that ?

Re-more spinoff books. I’ve been very vocal about wanting to do a book (or two, or more) on Vlad. Ian I’d like to write about one day but he’s nowhere near ready to settle down yet. As for when I’ll be able to announce more details about spinoffs, contractually, I had to turn in revisions and copyedits on THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE plus initial chapters on C&B6 before I could submit new proposals to my publisher. I’ve completed all my contractual requirements as of *checks clock* two hours ago, so I’ll be sending them my ideas for a Vlad book asap. Cross your fingers for me!

Just finished reading Death’s Excellent Vacation and had a question … Do you see any books for Cat’s mom Justina (going by memory for the spelling of her name) in your spin off series?  She is such tough cookie – but it would be so nice for her to finally get a HEA. (especially since what happened to Rodney)

Hi Sue. Someone who wants to know more about Justina! You’re a woman after my own heart! Lol. Seriously, though, I’d love to write a short story (or two) on Justina. There’s so much about her that Cat doesn’t know, and because the Night Huntress books are told through Cat’s point of view, the reader doesn’t get to know these things, either. Justina is a flawed character and some readers just love to hate her – which is fine – but hate her or not, there’s more to Justina than meets the eye. One day I hope I have the time to give readers that extra peek into her. I think it would surprise a lot of them.

EKOD was a fantastic read! I really liked Kira and her spunkiness with Mencheres. Also, Vlad was a fantastic side character and friend. In EKOD, Vlad mentions that Mencheres was very good to him when he lost his wife and son. I think this is the first we have heard about Vlad’s son. Will we learn more about him?
You’ll hear a lot more about Vlad if I get my chance to write books about him!

Also, in DFAEG we learn more of Marie the ghoul. Marie is the Voodoo Queen, but would doing voodoo be considered using the dark arts? If so, am I to assume that all ghouls are permitted to use the dark arts as well?

As for Marie, voodoo isn’t so much magic as a religion, so by practicing it Marie is simply following her religion (and there’s no restriction against different religions in my series). Also, there’s no restriction against inherent natural abilities. Gregor never got in trouble for Dreamsnatching, for example, because that was just an extension of his power. What vampires are forbidden from in my books is casting SPELLS, commonly referred to as dark arts or black magic. Patra and Mencheres both did that in Destined for an Early Grave, so they both broke the law. But if it’s not a spell, then it’s not illegal.

I wanted to ask and see if you could give anything away about TSOTG?
Any clues about THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE. Well, the first chapter is at the back of ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS, so readers get a little early peek there. Can’t say much more about the plot. I can say some of the characters that are in it, aside from Cat and Bones: Vlad, Mencheres, Kira, Marie, Tate, Don, Spade, Denise, and Justina, plus of course you’ll meet some new characters.

Is there anything we as readers/fans can do to help get Vlad a book?
As for what readers can do to help, any time a reader recommends my books, that’s a huge help . Word of mouth is an awesome thing. I know I’ve found a lot of authors that way.

Thanks for fielding our questions Jeaniene!


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